How much compensation will I receive for cancellations?

Your flight did not take place? Or, you were allocated to a later or different flight?

In the event of a cancellation not caused by extraordinary circumstances, you are entitled to the following compensation:

€250 for flights up to 1500 km
€400 for flights within the EU longer than 1500 km
€400 for flights longer than 1500 km up to 3500 km to destinations outside the EU
Up to €600 for other flights
Please also note that this includes not only flights leaving the EU but also flights destined for the EU, provided they are operated by an EU carrier.

Or do it the easy way and fill in the template on our ABL system with your flight details. We will calculate how much compensation the airline hs to pay and see to everything else on your behalf. According to the no win, no fee! principle, of course! Only if we succeed in enforcing your claim, we charge our commission of 29,75% of the compensation (= 25% success fee plus VAT).

Note: The airline need not pay if it can prove that the delay or cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances.