My flight was diverted. What documents should I submit to support my claim?

The general rule is: document as much as you can. Keep in mind that on a diverted flight the focus is on how you actually travel from the unplanned, diverted-to airport to your final, planned destination.

This can be a journey in itself, either by bus, train, plane or even ship. To file a successful claim of a diverted flight it is important to document at least the following events and facts:

  • Actual arrival time at the diverted-to airport, name and/or code (e.g. JFK) of that airport
  • Any reason that was given to you why the flight was diverted
  • The method of transportation used to travel from the diverted to airport to your final, planned destination, e.g. bus, train, car, ship. Keep tickets, vouchers and the like.
  • The actual arrival time at your final, planned destination.