Is there a limitation period? 

EU Regulation 261/2004 has not harmonized the rules relating to limitation periods. Therefore, the relevant national rules of the member states apply. The limitation periods vary between 1 and 10 years. In Germany, the limitation period is 3 years, calculated from the end of the year of the flight. Example: flight 09.08.2016, expiry of the limitation period: 31.12.2019. In the UK, the limitation period is six years, calculated from the date of the flight.’s software takes this into consideration. You can enter flight details and our Advanced Business Logic (ABL) system ensures that the national law for the submitted flight is applied. Have a look at your old boarding cards: the flights to your holiday destination last summer, your last flight to the Caribbean at Christmas. You can have us check these flights free of charge: all you need to do is enter your data and our intelligent ABL system will tell you immediately whether or not your flight is eligible for a compensation claim and, if it is, how much compensation you can expect to get.

It couldn’t be more simple – and who knows what kind of pleasant surprises might be hiding among your old travel documents!


Austria3 years
Belgium1 year
Bulgaria5 years
Croatia3 years
Cyprus6 years
Czech Republic*3 years
Denmark3 years
Estonia3 years
Finland3 years
France5 years
Germany*3 years
Greece5 years
Hungary5 years
Iceland2 years
Ireland6 years
Italy26 months
Latvia*2 years
Lithuania3 years
Luxembourg10 years
MaltaNo limit
Netherlands2 years
Norway3 years
Poland1 year
Portugal3 years
Romania3 years
Slovakia2 years
Slovenia2 years
Spain5 years
Sweden*3 years
Switzerland2 years
United Kingdom6 years



Czech Republic: all flights occurred in 2013 or before = 2 years. From 2014 = 3 years.
Germany: the limitation period expires the last day of the third year (for example: a flight on 15/3/2017 expires on 31/12/2020).
Latvia:If the complaint is filed within 21 days of the incident, the limitation period shall be 2 years.
Sweden: The limitation period shall be extended whenever a claim is asserted. The limitation period shall then be 3 years from the date of the last claim for the following claims.