I’m travelling with my family or with a group. Does that change anything?

You are travelling with your family or with a group, and your flight
fulfils the requirements of EU Regulation 261/2004? Then please observe the

EU Regulation 261/2004 requires a separate claim for each passenger. Each
person travelling with you (except children under the age of two) is
entitled to claim compensation.

In order to conveniently and easily comply with this legal provision, the
refund.me software offers a way to key in the data for your companions with
as few key strokes as possible.

In our widget, you first enter the person-independent technical flight

You then start entering the first person for the claim (e.g. yourself).

In case of a family sharing the same address, last name and perhaps email address, you just repeat the process by changing the first name of the additional passengers.

In case of a group where each passenger maintains her/his own personal data
(name, address, email etc. ) just add your travel companions back to back
and you’re done.

The system will then generate individual claims with claim reference
numbers and send out personalized PoAs to each and every claimant. It’s as
easy as that.