Further EU regulations
for air passengers 

The following provides information about further important regulations for air passengers – summarized in five points. They apply to all flights within and from the EU as well as flights of airlines based in the EU to the EU…

A valid ticket means a right to carriage
If you have a valid ticket, the airline is obliged to transport you. This obligation applies from the airport of departure to the destination airport, both as specified in the ticket – and at the flight times stated in the ticket. Also when booked as part of a package holiday, this transport obligation applies as soon as the flight details are confirmed by the travel company. Moreover, passengers must be informed which airline will be carrying out their flight. refund.me can enforce your compensation entitlement in cases of delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights with the airline up to three years later.

Obligation to provide care
If cancelled or delayed flights or denied boarding lead to longer delays, in accordance with the EU regulation, passengers are entitled to the provision of care in the form of drinks and food as well as the chance to make phone calls and/or write e-mails.

Passengers are entitled to rerouting under similar conditions to their intended final destination without any additional costs. If rerouting is no longer viable, the airline is obliged to refund the ticket price in full. In the event of delays of five or more hours, travellers are entitled to cancel their reservation on the flight free of charge. In that case, the full flight ticket price shall be refunded and no cancellation fees shall be charged.

Accommodation costs
If the expected departure time is postponed to the following day, passengers are entitled to accommodation in a hotel as well as transport between the airport and the hotel. Our tip: If the airline does not offer you accommodation, you can book a room yourself and claim back the incurred costs. However, the airline is only required to refund the costs of a standard hotel room. In this connection, the passenger is obliged to keep the damage as low as possible.

Passengers with reduced mobility
Passengers with a disability or reduced mobility shall be protected against discrimination when making their reservation, when boarding and travelling. At the airport and when boarding a plane, they are entitled to free assistance.