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Questions and answers (FAQ)

The status remains at “Claim in settlement with airline” for several days. Is there any progress?

If you see the same status over and over again, then there is currently no progress. Otherwise, you (the customer) will be informed via the Customer Portal and by email.

Why then are there these long waiting periods?

The answer is quite simple. Some airlines simply do not respect the law. They delay their answer or fail to answer entirely.

That’s why we do not send only one settlement request, but often conduct a re-settlement, once or even twice.

But you as a customer will still receive the same message, because we are still settling up with the airline and nothing has changed for you, although we are working on the case in the background.

This phase ends by either the airline responding to our settlement request or deciding to no longer wait.

Although the law describes 28 days of settlement, it can take much longer, e.g. due to lawsuits blocking certain claims, as seen in the UK with the Huzard Case that blocked nearly every claim for more than a year.

Either the claim is finished (successfully or closed) or the claim proceeds to the next phase: “In court settlement”. That is, the claim will now be handled by one of’s associated lawyers/law firms. picks the most promising jurisdiction to further advance the claim by evaluating the flight data of the claim.

This last phase of a claim can last much longer than the first phase because judicial proceedings are involved and largely depend on the judicial system of a particular country. Therefore matters are mainly dictated by factors not directly controlled by But rest assured: even if a long waiting time is involved, will fight for your rights and keep you informed. This phase typically ends when a verdict is reached. Depending on the verdict we can either start the payout to you, or we have to close the claim as a final loss.

Once you receive the email notification that your claim is ready for payout, you log on to the customer portal  and initiate your payout.

You can choose SEPA or PAYPAL to receive your money. Please contact our customer care if you do not have a PAYPAL account AND live outside the of the Single European Payment Area (SEPA). We will then initiate an international wire transfer.

Please note that the payout process can take 3 to 6 days until your transfer appears on your account or PAYPAL statement. Please use the Trouble Ticket System in the customer portal to contact us if you have NOT received your money 10 days or more AFTER initiating the payout process.

Please make sure your IBAN is keyed in correctly. We use a sophisticated 3rd party IBAN verification program that verifies all SEPA IBANs.

If you are unable to resolve the problem, please use the Trouble Ticket System in the customer portal to contact us.

YES. Both SEPA and PayPal can be paid to any valid account. It is not necessary that either one belongs to the claimant.