Turkey: The SHY regulation for flight from or to Turkey

Since 2012 the SHY Passenger Regulation defines passenger rights for travelers flying to Turkey or leaving. The regulation is strongly inspired by the European Passenger Rights Regulation and sets similar services for air passengers that were affected by a flight cancellation or denied boarding.

flight compensation cash
  1. Compensation Payments
    Passengers that suffered from a cancelled flight or were denied boarding are eligible to a compensation payment, similar to those set in EU Regulation 261/2004. All compensation sums are set in Euro, but should be paid in Turkish Lira.
    Domestic FlightsUnder 2 hours50 EUROver 2 hours100 EUR
    International Flights up to 1500kmUnder 2 hours125 EUROver 2 hours250 EUR
    International Flights between 1500 and 3500kmUnder 3 hours200 EUROver 3 hours400 EUR
    International Flights over 3500kmOver 4 hours300 EUROver 4 hours600 EUR
  2. Rights to Services
    Depending on the duration of the delay, passengers should receive snacks or full meals and drinks. If the travelers suffer from an overnight delay, the airline must organize accommodation and transfer. Passengers with special needs should be given particular care.
  3. Route Changes
    Should passengers lose their flight due to a cancellation or be unable to reach their connecting flight because of their delayed feeder flight, the airline must offer their next available flight as a replacement. Should it be impossible to find an adequate replacement, the passenger may ask for transport back to their point of departure. If travelers are unable to use their tickets because of this, the airline must reimburse the ticket costs.

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