Your passenger rights in case of a missed connecting flight?

A missed connection flight can leave the passenger stranded at the airport for hours on end. Even a small delay in the original flight can cause you to miss your connecting flight and wait for hours on a replacement flight. This is not only frustrating, it can also become a financial burden to you. Therefore, it is good to know you are protected by air passenger rights in the event of a missed connecting flight due to delay.

Questions and answers

Should I act if I missed my flight?

For refund purposes, European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04 (which also guarantees compensation for flight delays, flight cancellations and overbookings) only considers the delay at the passenger’s final destination.

  • The threshold for missed flight compensation is a delay of three hours or more at your destination airport. That means that a cancellation or even a short delay of the first flight can entitle the passenger to a payment of up to €600 – if that cancellation or delay caused the passenger to miss a connection flight and, as a result, reach the final destination with a delay of three hours or more.
  • If extraordinary circumstances such as a strike or severe weather caused the delay that led to a missed connection, the airline would not be obliged to pay the passenger a refund. However, a mechanical fault detected during regular maintenance check-ups is generally not considered an extraordinary circumstance, meaning that passengers who eventually miss a connecting flight because of a mechanical or technical fault are entitled to compensation.
  • Take off or landing occurred within the EU or you booked several flights in a row? Then you are also eligible for compensation.

What does this service do exactly?

We has an extensive network of national and internation legal experts in the realm of air passenger rights, as well as various, relevant legal fields. We have on-going access to all important flight data, up to date to the second. Furthermore, we are in a position to keep you abreast of contemporary air-passenger rights and eligibility to compensation. By way of the above mentioned, coupled with years of experience and expertise, we are in a position to provide you with a detailed forecast for success, as well as coordinate each essential processing step in order of relevance. You face zero risk from the very first step: we carry all costs from entry of your flight data in our claim calculator until a potential court procedure. Naturally, our processing will be tailored to suit each individual case.

How can I receive compensation if I missed my connecting flight?

The initial step would be to use our claim calculator or freely available app. Begin by entering all of your flight data – you will then very intuitively be guided through each following step. You will be required to enter your flight number and date, your booking code, as well as the problem which led to your missed connecting flight. As a result, you will be notified whether you are entitled to missed connecting flight compensation, and, subsequently, the amount of compensation you are owed. From this step on, we take care of the rest of the claim procedure. If required, we will even take your case to court. Only where we have been successful, will you be charged the commission* of 29% (25% success fee plus VAT) of the compensation amount.

Can I file a claim for several other people on board the aircraft?

If you are affected and wish to file a class-action suit with others on board, you are able to do so. You may also do so if you yourself were not a passenger on board. In such a case, you will serve as the contact person. Please note that the entitled claimant is solely the passenger affected by the missed connecting flight – regardless of who purchased the tickets.

What can I do now if the claim calculator detects no chances of a successful claim?

If our calculator computes no claim entitlement in your case, will at first not be in a position to help you in filing a claim – this does not however consitute a general waiver. You are free to consult with a trusted lawyer, or to contact the airline directly in order to attempt obtaining a payout.

Who is entitled to compensation on a business trip?

You are travelling on business and your company has paid for the flight. Your flight fulfils the compensation claim requirements of EU Regulation 261/2004. Who is entitled to receive the compensation?

In accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004, the applicant and claimant is always the air passenger.

That means the air passenger has to create and submit the claim via and, in the first instance, has the right to receive the compensation, since he or she alone had to bear the inconvenience caused, for example, by a delayed flight. Further details in this connection are not specified in EU Regulation 261/2004.

Ultimately, whether or not you have to hand over the compensation payout to your employer can be governed in your employment contract.

Here, neither EU Regulation 261/2004 nor are applicable but only the “bilateral” relationship between the employee (air passenger) and employer (payer of the ticket).

Why is my claim still pending if i travelled with others?

That is a very good question and indeed the “big mystery of claim processing”.

There is no rational explanation for that.

However, what it shows is that airlines and courts still do not organize their work most efficiently (e.g. different staff member of a claim processing department adjudicate 2 claims w.r.t. the same flight. Because there are large grey zones especially w.r.t. the so called extraordinary circumstances it might happen that these two claims result in a different final verdict at very different times). But please stay relaxed: the ABL System automatically detects these inconsistencies and the Settlement Team is dedicated to resolve these situations as fast as possible.

How is the process going?

If you were affected by a missed connecting flight and want to file a claim for missed flight compensation with the help of, please take the following steps:

  1. Enter the flight data of your missed connecting flight into the claim calculator found on our website.
  2. You will be notified immediately how much you are owed.
  3. Now sign a power of attorney and we will take care of the rest on your behalf.

We will contact the airline in question. If the airline refuses to pay compensation for your missed connection, we will take the claim to court, at no extra cost to you. Our Europe-wide network of passenger rights lawyers has a proven track record in securing compensation for missed connecting flights.

Once the airline has paid out your flight compensation, we’ll keep our commission* of 29% (25% success fee plus VAT) and transfer your money directly to your bank account!

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NOTE: We first check each new case against EU law. If there is no positive result here, we also check under the passenger flight right laws of Canada, India, Turkey, Ukraine.