When you book a package holiday, a flight delay is the last thing you want to have happen. Unfortunately, many holiday travellers have to accept a flight delay on package holidays and start one of the year’s highlights with an unpleasant experience. A long delay and wait for the departure is hardly a good way to get into the holiday mood. Few know, however, that the airline and tour operators are required by law to compensate travellers stuck waiting for long periods of time. All it takes is a visit to refund.me to find out whether you qualify for compensation. You can file your claim against the airline and the travel organizers for your flight delay on a package holiday.

Get your refund for a flight delay on your package holidays with refund.me

It can happen to anyone at any time: flight delays on package holidays. Thankfully under EU law, passengers have every right to demand a compensation between 250 and 600 euros when stuck with a longer flight delay. On package holidays, it seems every base is covered but a flight delay can happen for any number of reasons. At refund.me you will find helpful information about the current legal situation, and you can leave your data to be reviewed by experts.

Flight delays on package holidays don’t have to ruin your trip.

After a long and stressful delay, many travellers do not want to have to deal with the seemingly troublesome process of getting the compensation they deserve. It requires more time and often more frustration. However, refund.me makes it easy and hassle-free to get what is owed to you for any flight delays on package holidays. Let the experts at refund.me review of your case. The review is free, and you only pay a small commission when airline or tour operator pays you the full compensation owed. There is no need to take flight delays or cancellations on package holidays sitting down. Insist on your right to compensation with refund.me.