Flight Compensations Calculator

Has your flight been delayed by more than 3 hours for reasons other than ‘extraordinary circumstances’? Today we’re going to show you step-by-step how to file a claim on our website. Winning compensation for your troubles has never been so easy!

1. What happened to your flight?

Enter the problem you experienced with your flight. Delayed, cancelled or overbooked?


2. Further information

Once you’ve entered the problem you had with your flight we’ll ask you for some more information. In this case, we’ve chosen a delay as an example.

You’ll be able to select either that your flight was cancelled after a 5 hour delay or that you arrived at your destination over 3 hours late. Remember that airlines are responsible for delays of at least 3 hours.


3.  ‘Extraordinary circumstances’?

The reason behind the flight delay is important. Normally, adverse weather conditions (if they are extreme) or strikes are considered ‘extraordinary’ and are thus airlines are not held responsible. On the other hand, if the delay resulted from technical problems or breakdowns, the circumstances cannot be deemed ‘extraordinary’ and the law sides with the passenger.

Select the option which applies most to you depending on whether the problem was caused by extraordinary circumstances, whether you’re unsure or whether you were told that extraordinary circumstances were not to blame.


4. Describe your case

Select the type of delay that you suffered. At this stage you’ll also be able to claim for missing connections with other flights as a result of a delay.


Enter the name of the airline with which you travelled, the flight number and the date. If the airline doesn’t appear in the drop-down list, don’t worry. You can still continue filing your claim.


Next, we’ll calculate the compensation that you’re entitled to.


Just a few more steps to complete your claim. You’ll need to attach some form of travel document, for example an electronic ticket or photos of your boarding pass.


Some of your personal details.


And then a bit about how you found out about us.


Remember that you can claim for various passengers on the same flight at the same time. Each will receive the same compensation. Just click on ‘Add Passengers.’


All that’s left is for you to check that all the information you’ve entered is correct.



You’ll have 7 days to download the printed form, sign it and send it back to us.


And that’s it! You’ll receive an email with all the information and necessary instructions.

It’s that easy to claim your passenger rights with refund.me.