As a pioneer in the flight delay compensation industry, has helped tens of thousands of everyday consumers hold airlines accountable for delays and cancellations that have disrupted their travel plans. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Corporate travellers, whose companies have paid for the flights, and whose businesses have been impacted as a result of travel delays are also entitled to compensation – however the practical realities and economics of claims management means that this often doesn’t happen. Approximately 11 million passengers per year are eligible to share in €5.5 billion in compensation, yet for the majority of delayed or cancelled business itineraries, claims do not get made.

Over the years, we have spoken to many corporate travel departments about the EU 261 refund process, and the response is often the same – “it’s not worth our while”. At first glance, this might not make sense – after all, this is free money that the company is entitled to – how can it not be worth their while to pursue it?

The answer lies in the complexity of the process, managing the flow of claims, training staff on the claims procedure, submitting claims to airlines (often in a multitude of different countries), and managing the claims process. For most companies, handling all this in-house is complex and costly, and it is simply not a worthwhile undertaking. As a result, millions of Euros of compensation entitlement goes unclaimed – revenue that could be returned to the company travel budget or bottom line.

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Making the Business Flight Compensation Process Economical

The key to making this process economical is scale: Corporate travel departments handle hundreds of flight requests each month, and they simply do not have the time or infrastructure to monitor the status of each flight, check for eligibility, and economically manage the claims process.

After hearing this so many times, we decided to do something about it, and we have now introduced a B2B Claims Management Solution specifically designed for Travel Management Companies and Corporate Travel Departments. By leveraging the infrastructure developed for the mass consumer market since 2012, we are bringing the capability of bulk processing and large-scale claims management to businesses in a form that they can use to economically recover their compensation entitlement.

Enterprise-Scale Claims Automation

Delayed Business Flight CompensationAt the heart of the system is bulk analysis system that analyses the company travel records, including historical records for up to 3 years, and checks them against our flight status database to determine potentially eligibility. Once a potential claim has been identified, the company provides more details about the traveller and that specific journey, and the team at verifies the validity of the claim and takes it from there. With a history of successful claims from 145 countries, over 350 airlines, and our 98% settlement success record in court, the business can be assured that the claim is in the best possible hands.

The payment process is tuned to meet business’ needs too. Compensation payouts can be set to match the needs of the accounting department; with monthly, quarterly and semi-annual payment schedules available. Additionally,’s no-win-no-fee structure guarantees zero risk for the business, with a commission of 25% + VAT of the compensation value that is only applied when the claim is settled and paid.

Is This Right For Your Business?

This solution is ideal for corporations that manage their own travel infrastructure (bookings, itineraries, etc), and generally with extensive travel within the EU. Companies that make extensive use of budget carriers are particularly well placed to benefit from this service. This is also an ideal value added service that Travel Management Companies and Agents can provide to their corporate customers as an extra service and retention tool.

For more details on the B2B service offering, please complete the form at the top of this page, and one of our business specialists will reach out to you shortly.