Eve Büchner

Progressive entrepreneur
with traditional values

Eve Büchner, Founder, CEO
with Sandra Rosenberg, COO

„Each day you should try and make the world a better place” 

These wise words spoken by her grandmother have characterized Eve Büchner since a young age. Still today these words are her underlying principle. Each one of her projects reflects these words, and her three sons are also growing up with this guiding principle.

This mother of three is not familiar with the word stagnation. Her life is subject to constant change and marked by challenges and unexpected situations. Eve Büchner is raised near Berlin. Her mother is a seasoned entrepreneur, which has in part influenced Eve’s personal development. With a desire to start something of her own from early on, she leaves her parental home at the age of 16.

Diligence and ambition pave the way for a successful career in German television. In 1996 she begins as an intern with Premiere, laying the foundation for the next 15 years. During this time Eve Büchner is a major part of the German media landscape; she is the face of such shows as “Blitzlicht”, “Abenteuer & Reise”, “Gesund & Schön”, various news programs as well as of many other formats.

Ambitious as ever in her early thirties and wanting to let her own ideas grow, Eve Büchner founds her own business in 2007: “switch.me, which enables the interactive connection of television and the Internet. The business model is technologically well ahead of its time and cannot be implemented in Germany, but Büchner believes that:

“Failure is not a dead end, but simply a detour to your goal”, so she continues to follow her ambitions. In 2011 she establishes the venture capital firm quantumReality, which provides seed investments and supports start ups in various fields. Supporting ambitious and talented people and helping their ideas come to fruition – this is just one of Eve Büchner’s passions.

In 2012 she founds refund.me, a globally and solidly positioned start up that enables people worldwide to make use of an important EU law. “I love solving problems and going down new paths. The will to push projects forward to their successful completion drives me every day and gives me the necessary energy to keep going. I think it’s important for one’s personal development to leave one’s comfort zone and overcome perceived limitations.”

Today Eve Büchner is more than just a passionate entrepreneur, she is also a dedicated mother of three sons. The innovative, cloud-based management approach of refund.me is ideally suited to running a business from home, giving her the necessary flexibility to always be there for her little gang.

And one thing stays the same: nothing stands still. Even after she has helped people from over 140 countries in their fight against 350 airlines with refund.me. The young company now faces new challenges. One of it’s objectives: a comprehensive solution to all things to do with compensation. For passengers as well as for airlines. It will be very exciting to see what comes next.



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