Cookies Disclosure

Most websites on the internet use cookies. Cookies are a way of reading information about your previous visits to a website so you can be presented with an easier and more relevant experience on subsequent website visits.

We find that most of our visitors are comfortable with the use of cookies and enjoy the benefits they provide.

Session cookies and persistent cookies

Session cookies are valid only for the current session, and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain, even after closing your browser, and after you turn your device on the computer. These cookies are used to save your language settings, for example.

Analysis cookies

We also use cookies to analyze our visitor’s web experience. This enables us to anonymously evaluate trends of visitor behavior so we can improve the content and organization of our website in the future.

Can I refuse or delete cookies?

You may delete cookies at any time in your Internet browser – please consult your browser documentation for details of how to do this. Some browsers may offer you the option to refuse cookies. If you do this, some of the functionality of this website may not work fully. Additionally, if you delete or refuse cookies, we are unable to save your preferences between visits.


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