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Airline tricks part 1: 7 cost-cutting tactics at the expense of passengers

Airlines are always looking to cut costs in order to offer the cheapest possible fares. Flights within Europe are available for the price of a decent meal as the budget airline market is becoming increasingly competitive. Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary even hopes to give away seats at zero cost within the next 12 years, and…


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Fashion in the Sky: From Fab to Drab

The aviation industry is one of the most competitive in the world. Airfares are plummeting to beat competition as airlines strip back services previously included to offer rock-bottom prices. Air travel is consistently changing, and it’s not quite the luxury it once was. Fleets are reduced, flight delays and cancellations are increased, and claims are…


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Passengers increasingly dissatisfied with direct airline complaint handling

A recent survey by the Civil Aviation Authority indicates that only 29% of passengers are satisfied with how airlines manage complaint resolution. The consumer tracker survey involved more than 7,000 people in 2016 in the UK.   With over 4 years experience in dealing with passenger complaints, refund.me knows how resistant airlines can be; as…


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How to earn Airmiles without leaving the ground

You don’t have to be a jetsetter to earn air miles and fly for free. There are a number of ways to start clocking points, and before you know it you’ll be flying without paying a cent or even upgrading from economy to Business or First Class.   The easiest way to get points is…


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Compensation Claims: How Well Are The Airlines Doing?

European Airline Claim Compensation: Q4 2016 Update Consumer rights play a significant part of EU law, and nowhere is this more apparent than air travel. European carriers, and all worldwide carriers with flights originating from EU airports (28 member states, plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland) are mandated under EU regulation 261 to pay compensation to…


UK Air Carrier Nationality and Passenger Rights

Consumer protection is a big part of European legislation, and the airline industry is no exception. Airline passenger rights are protected by European Commission Regulation EC 261/2004, which establishes protective rules of assistance and compensation to passengers. Delays happen, and when they do, flight cancelations should be compensated. Certain travel disruptions entitle air passengers to…


Flight Delay Compensation

Passengers Win 2 Year Battle For Compensation

The process of claiming compensation for flight delays is not for the faint-hearted, as two Australian passengers have discovered. When Brett and Lisa Smith’s flight from Milan to New York was delayed more than 23 hours, they thought that their case for compensation under European Union legislation would be a simple matter. They were wrong.…


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Flight Compensation For Businesses

As a pioneer in the flight delay compensation industry, refund.me has helped tens of thousands of everyday consumers hold airlines accountable for delays and cancellations that have disrupted their travel plans. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Corporate travellers, whose companies have paid for the flights, and whose businesses have been impacted…


Delayed Flight Compensation

How To Claim Compensation If Your Flight Is Delayed

If you’ve ever been subject to flight delays, and lets face it, who hasn’t, you know the frustration that comes with having your plans turned upside down. There must be someone responsible, right? Surely there must be some chance of a refund? How do you go about getting compensated? Is that customer service going to…


British Travel Award

refund.me nominated for the British Travel Awards

Select travel and tourism industries were invited to submit their entry for selection of a British Travel Award. The British Travel Awards is an independent organisation that recognises outstanding performance in service delivery and product offering. Receiving an award is a benchmark of excellence, in particular because it is based on the public’s vote.  …