Corona virus | My rights as a stranded passenger?

Corona virus – What rights do I have as a stranded passenger? Flight cancellations after global travel warning due to Covid-19 (Corona) Due to extensive flight cancellations by all airlines due to the coronavirus, many passengers are stranded abroad and have to wait for their return flights. My rights as a stranded passenger? On 18…


Three Must-Knows if your flight is delayed!

Flight delays are a nuisance! But we are lucky to have EU 261/2004 that regulates your rights when your flight is delayed. The regulation applies to all flights with departure or landing in the European Union, even if they are operated by an airline headquartered outside the European Union. In this blog entry I want…


How to get compensation when your flight was cancelled!

It is a pain: Airlines cancel flights – more often and with short notice. If your flight has been cancelled, you are not only entitled to alternative transport, but also to compensation. But only ten percent of all flight passengers are aware of this. That’s why we explain to you the most important points about…


Airport - Waiting for a delayed flight departure

Three Must-Knows if your flight is overbooked!

You arrived early at the airport, you checked in – and then the person at the counter says you can’t board because your flight is overbooked. Bummer! This is truly upsetting and results in big problems for your whole itinerary. But right now, you are stranded at the airport and the big question is: What…


Air Berlin insolvency . the final chapter

On Tuesday the 15th of August, Air Berlin officially filed for insolvency. It seems the withdrawal of financial support by Etihad was the final straw for the German carrier. Operations will continue as normal for the next few months thanks to an emergency loan from the government. But what happens now? Our in-house lawyer, Stefanie, explains…


british airways strikes

Passengers affected by British Airways strikes likely eligible to compensation

Strikes affecting air travel can be extremely annoying and a huge inconvenience to passengers. And the worst part? In most cases, strikes fall under the category of “extraordinary circumstances”, AKA the ultimate Get Out Of Jail free card for airlines. According to EU Regulation 261/2004, airlines aren’t obliged to compensate if they can prove the…


Flight delays: Never accept travel vouchers as compensation

Why you should never accept travel vouchers as compensation for flight delays Flight delay compensation is tricky business Successfully claiming cash compensation from airlines can very quickly become messy and complicated. Thankfully, the team at is here to help passengers who are struggling to get paid what they’re actually owed. EU Regulation 261/2004 is…


Man stands at the airport and looks to the time table

When can we expect compensation from IT failure flight delays?

If you didn’t hear about the British Airways global IT failure fiasco in May 2017, you must be living under a rock. Just in case you are, I’ll briefly sum it up: At the end of May, BA experienced a global IT computer outage that resulted in an immense number of cancellations and delays from…



Travelling with infants on Europe’s low-cost carriers

Stand: 27th April 2017 We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and actuality of the information · Tariffs can change at short notice   Ryanair Infants aged 8 days – 23 months inclusive must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+ (one infant per adult), at a fee of £20. Infants can be included in…


Automated airport processing: are robots taking over?

Long gone are the days when one had to line up at the check-in counter and have an actual human being print out a boarding pass for every single flight. Most airlines now encourage passengers to check-in online and simply show an e-ticket on their phone. And more and more airlines have automated machines at…


travel inventions

Weird(ly) useful travel inventions

Hurtling through the air at over 30,000 feet in a small metal tube is in itself extremely strange when you really think about it. So it’s not surprising that many inventions designed for travelling are similarly weird, but at the same time surprisingly useful. Here are some of our personal favourites:   The Luggage Scooter…