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Corona virus | Flight ticket refund after cancellation?

Flight ticket refund according to the Cancellation of your flight due to the corona virus Currently, more and more customers are reporting to us about problems with a refund of their already paid air tickets for flights that are no longer taking place and have been cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic. Most airlines have…


Corona virus | My rights as a stranded passenger?

Corona virus – What rights do I have as a stranded passenger? Flight cancellations after global travel warning due to Covid-19 (Corona) Due to extensive flight cancellations by all airlines due to the coronavirus, many passengers are stranded abroad and have to wait for their return flights. My rights as a stranded passenger? On 18…


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Corona virus | Entry bans on flights – My rights?

COVID-19: Stricter entry regulations due to the Corona virus – Your rights as a traveller in the case of entry bans More and more countries are tightening their entry requirements due to the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition to the specific regulations of individual countries, the USA has now imposed a complete…


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Corona virus | Compensation for flight cancellation – Lufthansa?

The coronavirus is currently very present! Every day there are new news on the subject, which often particularly affect travelers. For example, cruise passengers are stuck on their ships and special checks are carried out at airports. It all started when more and more airlines cancelled their flights to and from China. In the meantime,…