Avoid getting sick when you fly

Whether or not poor quality re-circulated air leads to sickness, being in close proximity to hundreds of other people in a cramped metal tube doesn’t exactly lend itself to good health. Especially during these colder months, bugs are more common than flight delays in July. It’s important to guard yourself against colds and flu while you’re…


Airline cost structures – what’s the real difference? #2: Norwegian

Last week, we compared the cost structure and different fare types Eurowings offers, and found there is a very small difference between the airline’s basic and smart fare when adding on extras. Today, we look at Norwegian Air. Example flight: London-Gatwick – Barcelona, Friday 31st March 2017 Conclusion If you don’t mind being randomly allocated…


Airline cost structures – what’s the real difference? #1: Eurowings

With the increased demand for low-cost flights and stripped back services, many airlines have introduced various fare types for passengers to choose from. They range in price from low to high, and include different services accordingly. But what’s the real difference between these tariffs? Is it really worth spending the extra cash outright on a…


Dog denied boarding: refund.me wins €1200 for passengers

Every traveller will inevitably experience flight delays and cancellations at some point in their life. Unfortunately, they are just part of the deal, especially with the growing popularity of low-cost carriers. In such cases, replacements must be arranged by the airline; otherwise passengers are entitled to a full refund of their ticket price. If replacements…


Travel rewards cards – start earning points now!

Maximise your travel savings with travel rewards credit cards. By using these cards for everyday spending, you can earn redeemable points for airfares, hotels and other travel expenses. What are rewards cards? Rewards cards earn you redeemable travel points on a ratio to the amount of money you spend. Generally, they earn 1 point for…


Airline tricks part 1: 7 cost-cutting tactics at the expense of passengers

Airlines are always looking to cut costs in order to offer the cheapest possible fares. Flights within Europe are available for the price of a decent meal as the budget airline market is becoming increasingly competitive. Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary even hopes to give away seats at zero cost within the next 12 years, and…


Beautiful Airhostess With Hand On Hip At Airport Terminal

Fashion in the Sky: From Fab to Drab

The aviation industry is one of the most competitive in the world. Airfares are plummeting to beat competition as airlines strip back services previously included to offer rock-bottom prices. Air travel is consistently changing, and it’s not quite the luxury it once was. Fleets are reduced, flight delays and cancellations are increased, and claims are…


Hand with pen over application form

Passengers increasingly dissatisfied with direct airline complaint handling

A recent survey by the Civil Aviation Authority indicates that only 29% of passengers are satisfied with how airlines manage complaint resolution. The consumer tracker survey involved more than 7,000 people in 2016 in the UK. With over 4 years experience in dealing with passenger complaints, refund.me knows how resistant airlines can be; as the…


DECEMBER 14. 2014: Easy Jet flying above the clouds. The second plane fly away. Easyjet is a British airline operator.

How much is the tomato juice?

In the age of competitive budget airfares, you can find flights within Europe for the price of a meal. Just last week, I flew from Berlin to London with Ryanair for less than €40 return – and that wasn’t even during a deal. At the end of last month, the airline had a 1-day sale…