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Corona virus | Flight ticket refund after cancellation?

Flight ticket refund according to the Cancellation of your flight due to the corona virus Currently, more and more customers are reporting to us about problems with a refund of their already paid air tickets for flights that are no longer taking place and have been cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic. Most airlines have…


Corona virus | My rights as a stranded passenger?

Corona virus – What rights do I have as a stranded passenger? Flight cancellations after global travel warning due to Covid-19 (Corona) Due to extensive flight cancellations by all airlines due to the coronavirus, many passengers are stranded abroad and have to wait for their return flights. My rights as a stranded passenger? On 18…


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Corona virus | Entry bans on flights – My rights?

COVID-19: Stricter entry regulations due to the Corona virus – Your rights as a traveller in the case of entry bans More and more countries are tightening their entry requirements due to the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition to the specific regulations of individual countries, the USA has now imposed a complete…


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Corona virus | Compensation for flight cancellation – Lufthansa?

The coronavirus is currently very present! Every day there are new news on the subject, which often particularly affect travelers. For example, cruise passengers are stuck on their ships and special checks are carried out at airports. It all started when more and more airlines cancelled their flights to and from China. In the meantime,…


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Ready, steady, go!

This is what you need to consider for your active holiday! Powdery snow is your icing on the cake? Prefer Montblanc or Arlberg? Or would you rather get away from the cold wet shades of Europe and go windsurfing on the Canary Islands? Or are you throwing the coin where you are going to hit…


Three Must-Knows if your flight is delayed!

Flight delays are a nuisance! But we are lucky to have EU 261/2004 that regulates your rights when your flight is delayed. The regulation applies to all flights with departure or landing in the European Union, even if they are operated by an airline headquartered outside the European Union. In this blog entry I want…


How to get compensation when your flight was cancelled!

It is a pain: Airlines cancel flights – more often and with short notice. If your flight has been cancelled, you are not only entitled to alternative transport, but also to compensation. But only ten percent of all flight passengers are aware of this. That’s why we explain to you the most important points about…


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Three Must-Knows if your flight is overbooked!

You arrived early at the airport, you checked in – and then the person at the counter says you can’t board because your flight is overbooked. Bummer! This is truly upsetting and results in big problems for your whole itinerary. But right now, you are stranded at the airport and the big question is: What…


Recent judgement by UK Court of Appeal leads to improved passenger rights

A recent decision by the UK Court of Appeal may pave the way to improved passenger rights for those travelling from the EU on connecting flights. European Regulation 261/2004 was established to protect air passengers travelling within Europe, as the name suggests. However, it does also provide some level of protection for those travelling to…


Ryanair flight cancellations: am I entitled to compensation?

Pressure recently forced Ryanair to release a full list of cancelled flights due to a major management error. The budget carrier said that it messed up it’s staff holiday application, therefore having to cancel up to two percent of flights per day. This means that up to 50 flights per day for the next six…


What makes a circumstance “extraordinary”?

Thanks to EU Regulation 261/2004, air passengers travelling within and to/from the EU have some level of protection when flight delays and cancellations occur. In a lot of cases, airlines must pay compensation. However, if the airline can prove the delay or cancellation was caused by “extraordinary circumstances”, it is no longer legally obliged to…


10 quick tips on packing light

Given that more and more airlines are offering budget “no-frills” travel (you can even find transatlantic flights for just $99), it’s all the more important to know how to pack light and avoid paying double the price for checked baggage.   It’s actually quite easy to do, and you’ll be surprised at how much time and…