NOTE: We first check each new case against EU law. If there is no positive result here, we also check under the passenger flight right laws of Canada, India, Turkey, Ukraine.

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You were affected by a grounded, cancelled or delayed flight? Check your rights on our website or by using our app. Using our claim calculator you can see what steps can be taken to file a claim against Austrian Airlines. If you are entitled, leave the claim up to us – we’ll initiate the next steps on your behalf. Either we settle your claim without taking legal action, or, if unavoidable, we will take it to court. But you can rest assured, you will not be charged for any services if we have not reached a successful outcome, as we work according to the “No Win, No Fee” principle. helps in the event of flight with Austrian Airlines

Everyone is familiar with Austrian Airlines and many have flown with the company. Flight delays or cancellations can always impact an airline and its customers. If you know your rights regarding compensation, you can claim a fair amount of money. We at are at your side, strongly and competently lending our support to help you with your predicament.

About Austrian Airlines

The headquarters of Austrian Airlines are located at Vienna-Schwechtal, which also serves as its hub. Austrian Airlines AG was established in 1957. It was formed by a merger of Air Austria and Austrian Airways. In 2008 the Austrian government decided to privatize the airline. As a result, Austrian Airlines was taken over by the German Lufthansa AG in 2009. From 01 July 2012 onwards all Austrian Airlines flights were carried out by its subsidiary Tyrolean Airways. On 01 April 2015 all flight operations were again transferred to Austrian Air after the takeover of all fleets and crews of Tyrolean Airways. The airline flies to destinations in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. In addition, the airline flies from Vienna to a number of provincial Austrian airports (Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz, Linz and Klagenfurt). In 2013, Austrian Airlines raked in a turnover of € 2.069 billion and employed 6208 staff. 11.2 million passengers took to the air with Austrian Airways in 2014.


When am I entitled to compensation?

According to EU Regulation 261/ 2004 airline passengers are entitled to compensation in the event of flight delays and cancellations. This also applies to over-bookings and bumped flights.

Under which circumstances am I entitled to compensation?

There are several possibilities:

  1. You departed from an airport within Europe on any given airline (also includes non-EU airlines) or
  2. You arrived at an airport within Europe on a European airline
  3. Your flight was delayed at least three hours
  4. Your flight did not take place
  5. Your flight was over-booked. As a result there was no seat available.
  6. You missed your connecting flight. As a result you arrived at your destination airport with a delay of more than three hours.

Who can make a compensation claim?

Any person in the world has the right to lodge a claim for compensation. You do not have to be an EU citizen. The only requirement is that one or more of the above listed scenarios apply. Perhaps you know airline passengers who had problems with their flight in the last three years? We would be happy to help your friends.

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NOTE: We first check each new case against EU law. If there is no positive result here, we also check under the passenger flight right laws of Canada, India, Turkey, Ukraine.