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Travelling is often complicated! Especially when it comes to flight delays, a cancelled flight or a missed connecting flight.

Have you recently flown with Alitalia? Was your flight cancelled or was your Alitalia flight delayed? Then there is a possibility that you will receive compensation!

About Alitalia

Alitalia is the largest Italian airline with a hub in Rome and a fleet of 110 aircraft. The airline flies to national and international destinations and mainly serves airports in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. The airline was founded in 1946 and employs over 11,700 people. German airports served are Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Since 2009 Alitalia is a member of the airline alliance SKYTEAM, which also includes a number of other airlines such as KLM / AIR FRANCE, AIR EUROPA and AEROMEXICO.

When do I have the right to compensation?

According to EU regulation 261/ 2004, passengers are entitled to compensation in the event of delays and cancellations of flights. The same applies to overbooking and cancellations.

Under what conditions does the compensation claim apply?

There are several possibilities here:

  1. You have departed with any airline (including non-EU) from an airport within Europe or
  2. You have arrived at an airport within Europe with a European airline
  3. Your flight has been delayed for at least three hours
  4. Your flight has been cancelled
  5. Your flight was affected by overbooking. Therefore, you could not get a seat at short notice
  6. You missed your connecting flight. For this reason you have reached your destination airport with at least three hours delay

Who can assert a claim for compensation?

The right to compensation can be claimed by every person in this world. They do not have to be EU citizens. The only criterion is that one or more of the above conditions must be met. Perhaps you are aware of other passengers who have had difficulties with a flight in the last three years? We would be happy to help your friends too.

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NOTE: We first check each new case against EU law. If there is no positive result here, we also check under the passenger flight right laws of Canada, India, Turkey, Ukraine.